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I have added videos of some the best strength coaches in the nation. These videos are both educational and inspirational.

Tim Caron – Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach – Army Black Knights

Georgia Tech Football: We Are Family. Derrick Moore addresses the team prior to a 6 a.m. offseason workout session, as the Orange Bowl Champions prepare for the 2015 season.

Ken Mannie Head Strength Coach Michigan State

Take a look inside the MSU Football team and get to know Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ken Mannie who is in his 20th year with the program.

Penn State strength Coach Craig Fitzgerald’s “crazy tactics”

Penn State’s Craig Fitzgerald is known around coaching circles, and the strength profession, as a guy who flat out gets after it, and lives (and works) right on the edge of “crazy”.  Here’s a great look from Penn State on what makes him so valuable and respected by his fellow coaches, and players in Happy Valley.

Todd Riedel – WOFFORD Football -Off-Season Training

This video was recorded in January. This is the first week back for these gentlemen and we are going for light weight and lots of reps to get these guys back in shape. This shows some of the movements we did that week. Understand it is extremely difficult to get a video guy up at 6am in the morning to record a football lift. Therefore, we did not get much on tape!

Craig Fitzgerald – Penn State Football strength coach Fitz discusses and demonstrates his off-season strength training program. (Fitz is the real deal)

Craig Fitzgerald – Video On Pholosophy – Click Here

This is a great article written about Craig Fitzgerald  Director of Strength & Conditioning at Penn State Click here for Article

Joe Tereshinski & John Thomas – Football Strength and Conditioning –  2013 Georgia Bulldog Winter Workout

This is a 2013 Georgia Bulldog off-season workout! The Football team is working hard in the Weight Room!

Evan Simon – Director of Football Strength & Conditioning at Wisconsin.  As part of the BTA Challenge (Badger Team Accountability) Wisconsin’s winter conditioning drills had a fun twist to end the morning. As head strength coach Evan Simon explains, points were on the line for each of the 10 teams of players in some competitive games of dodgeball.

Evan Simon Video – Click here

Evan Simon Video – Click Here (1st Quarter Highlight)

Evan Simon – Has Lofty Goals for UW Football – Click Here

Chris Doyle – Head Football Strength and conditioning coach Iowa is finishing their Winter Conditioning and getting ready to start Spring Football in early 2013. Take a look behind Iowa Football’s Strength & Conditioning Program and see why the Hawkeyes are truly the best program in the nation when it comes to developing players. Go Hawks!

Chris Doyle Video Click Here

Ben Herbert – University of Arkansas Director of Football Strength – an in-depth look at strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert and the program’s relationship with Nike.

Herber Video Click Here

Tommy Moffit -LSU Head Strength & Conditioning Coach                                Behind the scenes with one of the best coaches in the nation.

Moffit Video Click here

Shannon Turley – Stanford University Football                                                  Discusses the cardinal rules of athletic conditioning, and developing athletic performance.

Turley Video Click Here      Take the rope Click Here

Ivan Lewis – Washington Huskies Strength and Conditioning                           Check out this video of Washington Strength and Conditioning Coach Ivan Lewis talking about his system and how he prepares the Huskies.

Lewis Video Click Here

Nate Baukol- University of North Dakota                                                                  Check out this video on the director of the North Dakota strength and conditioning Nate Baukol. Baukol oversees the department and works directly with student-athletes for football and women’s basketball.

Baukol Video Click Here

Scott Cochran – University of Alabama                                                                         Here is the well respected strength coach for the University of Alabama. He works them hard on the weights and sports training. Watch as he takes them through the pain and pushes these football players to the limits of their weight lifting endurance. – Strength Coach, strength training coach, college strength coach video

Cochran Video Click Here

New Alabama Weight Room

Ron McKeefery -Univerisy of Tennessee
Tennessee Football Head Strength Coach Interview Ron McKeefery

Mckeefery Video Click Here

Mike Barwis – Philosophy
This video was taken when Coach Barwis took the Michigan Football strength and conditioning position.

Bryan Miller – Oregon State
Coach Miller talks about the new Sports Performance Center, including the equipment and size of the building. He also discusses the Oregon State sports performance philosophy.
Miller Video Click Here

Miller Video Click Here

University of Missouri – Strength and Conditioning  This is an inside look at Mizzu Football Strength & Conditioning.  I feel it is one of the best ran programs in the nation.

Mizzu football Video Click Here

Craig Fitzgerald – Penn State Football

Fitzgerald has put some nice touches on the new facility; including our personal favorite which is the addition of jerseys to hang from to do core and grip work. As he explains, “we’re grabbing jerseys on the field; we’re going to be grabbing jerseys here.”

This facility has all you’d ever need in a weight room from TV screens showing the workout, to competition boards and a solid music setup, and for some added motivation, Bill O’Brien’s quotes also litter the walls of the facility.     Enjoy!


Paul Jackson –  Ole Miss Football Strength & Conditioning.  Winter 2013 S&C Staff In-Service

Jackson Video Click Here

Rob Glass -Oklahoma State Football Strength & Conditioning  Oklahoma State Football has one of the best Strength and Conditioning programs in the country. The football-only weight room is 20,000 square feet with all new equipment.

Robb Glass Video Click Here

Damon Harrington – Cal Bears Football – Summer Training

New Strength and Conditioning Coach Damon Harrington leads the Bears through intense summer workouts as 2013 Training Camp approaches.

Georgetown College

Valparasio University Football Coach Eron Hodges Motivating Speech – Inside Linebackers and Assist Strength and Conditioning Coach talks to the team about enthusiasm during fall camp.
Motivation and Enthusiam Video

Scott Cochran – University of Alabama

Alabama Workout Program on 60 Minutes Sports – Alabama Football Strength & Conditioning


Oklahoma State Football: 2014 Offseason Workout (Speed & Agility) with Mike Gundy

This is an inside look at West Virginia Summer Football Strength and Conditioning.  I was only an intern at the time working under Mike Barwis and Rich Rodriguez.  This video was filmed in the Summer of 2006.

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