A Recovery Lift is something we have done with all our teams at some point. However, it is NOT something we do often and we use it very sparingly.  Some of our athletes have named it the “Royal Treatment” and needless to say they love it.  A Recovery lift is used when we feel the athletes need a light day or need to loosen up and stretch.  It has also been given to them as a reward for winning a game or training like their hair is on fire.  We usually utilize stations and divide the team into groups and each one of our staff members runs a station.  We usually have 3 or 4 stations and 5 for baseball and football due to sheer numbers.  The stations usually consist of a ball stretch, band stretch, foam roll and shoulder mobility station.  With baseball and football we add a core station to make it possible with the lack of equipment we have.

One thing to remember you never stretch a cold muscle. Always warm up your team before doing a Recovery Lift.  I have attached a few pictures below to show what we do.

Station # 1 Foam Roll (Myofascial Release)


Station # 2 Ball Stretch (Hip Mobility)


Station # 3 Band Stretch (Hip Mobility)


Station # 4 Shoulder Mobility Station

Station #5 Core/Abdominal Movements



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