Injury Prevention

  • ¨Intertwine injury prevention into workouts
  • ¨Identify potential areas of need and work to decrease chance of injury in that area!
  • ¨Train the Body in Balance

Coaches, There are a few movements I would like to recommend.  I personally intertwine them into my training sessions.

1. Neck 

Example: 4 Way Neck (Front, Side, Side, Back)


2. Shoulders

Example: Shoulder Protraction/Retraction



Example: 4 Way External Shoulder Rotation


Example: Band Rear Deltoid



Hips & Glutes

Example: Balance Ball or Med Ball Bucks (Hips down & Hips up) Glute activation



Example: Hip Stability – Lateral Band Walks

Lateral Band Walks            

SHOULDER – OSCILLATORY RESISTANCE TRAINING – Holding the bar in the center with one hand and shaking it, causing the bar to vibrate rapidly. The hand and arm are held in various positions, offering a remarkable effective ways to strengthen and condition the muscle fibers and sensory receptors of the shoulder joint.  The goal is to train in all different planes (Frontal, Sagital & Transverse) hitting all the minor muscles surrounding the shoulder joint.  (Note: We are trying to train the minor muscles of this joint for stabilization)  In this picture we are using the Collegiate Series Body Bar Flex





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