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Coach Riedel has spent his entire professional career in the educational system working at every possible level. He has experience working for the archdiocese of Cincinnati as a physical education teacher, high school football coach, trained thousands of division 1 athletes at various universities and many have continued success in the professional and the Olympics ranks.

Coach Riedel comes from Southern Methodist University located in Dallas, Texas, where he was a strength and conditioning coach working with all 16 teams. He was specifically responsible for Men’s Soccer, Volleyball and the equestrian team.  Both the soccer team and volleyball team won conference and the volleyball team earned most wins in school history during his time at SMU. The equestrian team had some monumental wins one beating South Carolina who won the national championship in 2015.  He has additional experience working at Winthrop University, Wofford College, Missouri State University, Western Kentucky, and Colgate University.

Riedel has two degrees, a Bachelor’s degree from Mount Saint Joseph University and a master’s of education in sports administration from Xavier University.  He also has additional internship experience at Xavier, Harvard and West Virginia University.

Coach Riedel has been recognized by the NSCA as one of the top professionals in collegiate athletics.  In 2011 he was a finalist for the National Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year.

He is a member of numerous professional organizations and is certified by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, National Strength & Conditioning Association, International Sport Science Association & USA Weightlifting holding the following certifications SCCC, CSCS, CPT, RSCC, USAW and ISSA.

Resume Overview 

  • The Ohio State University – Administrative Intern
  • Southern Methodist University (SMU) – Assistant Strength Coach
  • Winthrop – Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning
  • Wofford College – Director of Strength & Conditioning
  • Missouri State – Assistant Director of Strength
  • Western Kentucky – Paid Intern
  • Colgate – Paid Intern
  • West Virginia – Intern
  • Harvard – Intern
  • Archdiocese of Cincinnati – PE Teacher & High School Football Coach


Bachelor’s Degree – Mount St. Joseph University

Master’s Degree – Xavier University



Professional Honors & Awards

2011 NSCA National Collegiate Strength & Conditioning coach of the year award – Finalist

Interesting Facts

  • Colgate Men’s Basketball – 2nd Most wins in School History
  • Western Kentucky Women’s Soccer – Most wins in School History
  • Missouri State Men’s Soccer – NCAA appearance
  • Wofford Basketball – NCAA appearances (3 consecutive seasons of post season play)
  • Wofford Football – 27 wins in 3 years and 3 consecutive national playoff appearances & 2 conference championships
  • Winthrop Women’s Basketball – Most wins in School History 2013 & 2014, First ever WNIT victory, First ever NCAA Basketball Tournament Appearance & 2013- 2014 Big South Conference Tournament Champs
  • Winthrop Baseball 2014 Big South Southern Division Champs
  • Winthrop Men’s Soccer 2014 – Highest RPI finish in School History #39
  • Winthrop Baseball – 40 Wins  Most wins in recent school history
  • SMU Volleyball 2015 – Most Wins in School history & American Athletic Conference Champs – First Ever NCAA Appearance
  • SMU Men’s Soccer 2015 – American Athletic Conference Champs









Coaches I have Worked With or Under Directory

I have been blessed to work with and under some great coaches during my time.   I would like to give a special thanks to these individuals listed below.

Craig Fitzgerald               (Harvard)                           Currently at Tennessee

Dan Pulmutter                 (Harvard)                           Currently at Duke

Tim Mullen                       (Harvard)                           Currently at Harvard

Tim Caron                         (Harvard)                          Currently at Army Football

Michael C. Barwis           (West Virginia)                  Currently at New York Mets

Chris Allen                        (West Virginia)                  Currently at Arizona

Marcus Kenny                  (West Virginia)                  Currently at Barwis Methods

Rusty Burney                     (Colgate)                            Currently at Missouri

Hayes Galitski                   (Winthrop)                         Currently at Winthrop

John Stephanski              (Western Kentucky)         Currently at Western Kentucky

Jim Nowell                         (Western Kentucky)         Former Director at Western Kentucky

Duane Hall                         (Western Kentucky)         Currently at Western Kentucky

Alvin Futrell                       (Western Kentucky)         Currently at Penn State

Joey Carnes                        (Western Kentucky)         Currently at Florida State

Todor Pandov                    (Western Kentucky)         Currently Philadelphia 76ers

Terry Sauerby                    (Missouri State)                 Currently at Oakland University

Trumain Carroll               (Southern Methodist Univ.)       Currently at Arkansas

Rhett Brooks                      (Southern Methodist Univ.)      Currently at Arkansas

Marc Soltis                         (Southern Methodist Univ.)      Currently at Arkansas

Kenna Smoak                     (Southern Methodist Univ.)      Currently at US Army- West Point

Carlos Daniel                     (Southern Methodist Univ.)     Currently at Denver Nuggets

Strength & Conditioning  (The Ohio State University)


Past Interns and Assistants 


Sam Chatman       (Missouri State)                           Savannah State  -Director of Strength

Joey Guzzo            (Missouri State)                           Loyola Maryland – Director of Strength

Josh Holman         (Missouri State)                          University of Washington – Olympic Sp.

Sam Linette           (Wofford College)                       Anderson College

Jon Mangel            (Wofford College)                       Georgia State

Ryan Waterbury    (Wofford College)                      University of South Florida (USF)

Derek Rosinski      (Wofford College)                     Weber State –  Director of Strength

Tyler Lampert        (Wofford College)                     Bethel College

Eric Tooker            (Wofford College)                      Florida A&amp

Ron Dickson          (Wofford College)                     Virginia Tech – Director of Oly. Sports

Cory D. Cox            (Wofford College)                   Winthrop University – GA

Josh Simens           (Wofford College)                   Maryland

Drew Repsher       (Wofford College)                   Wofford

Zach Rowell          (Winthrop University)           Davidson

Tony Trepinski    (Winthrop University)           Texas Christian University

Eric Phillips          (Winthrop University)           Winthrop University – GA

Jeff Tietz               (Winthrop University)     Murray State – Director of Oly. Sports

Kevin Cox             (Southern Methodist Univ.)

Teddy Johnson   (Southern Methodist Univ.)

Jacob Leavitt       (Southern Methodist Univ.) SMU


WKU Strength Staff 8-18-08



SMU Staff Pic

Back to Back MBB

SMU m-soccer-champions-splash 2015



Athletics-Volleyball Conference Champs VB


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