Golf Strength Training

By: Todd Riedel

As a division one college strength and conditioning coach, I have decided a long time ago to treat golf as a sport and not just a game.  I explain to our athletes all the time that if you want to be Tiger-Woods-musclegood at golf you will need to train like an athletic golfer by utilizing our Golf Strength Training Program. This means you will be more explosive, stronger, have better balance and coordination, be more mobile and feel fresher while playing 18-36 holes a day.  I believe Tiger Woods personally changed the game of golf by utilizing golf strength training .  His golf strength training changed the game because he was far more athletic than the average golfer.  In this short article I will show you how to incorporate one training tool that will change your entire golf game. This is a training tool that I have designed myself for the high caliber college athletes and we utilize this tool with every team we train in our facility.

Explosive Core Training – (Specifically for Golf Strength Training)ToddRiedelOscillationingcoreST

This movement is called Oscillation Core Stabilization.  During this movement you will be training your entire body, specifically your rotational core.  This movement is exhausting to say the least because it takes a lot out of you to osculate that bar for 15 to 20 seconds  with 3 to 4 sets.  It literally works every muscle in your body.  It is much like a golf swing because you have to set-up, squat, and activate your core rapidly.   This exercise will also train your over all conditioning.

BodyBarStickCrunchThis movement is called the BodyBar Stick Crunch.  This movement is designed to train the rectus abdominis (Abs).  It’s always to have a strong core.  Therefore, lay down on the floor and hold the bar above your chest.  Then with your knees bent bring your toes to the bar and hold it for one second.  You should be able to do 50-100 concetive reps.

Strength Training – (Specifically for Golf Strength Training)

In golf you need strong legs, back, and hips because that’s where all your power comes from.  I feel you need to do Squats and RDL’s to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quads to achieve a long drive.


HC Body Bar FlexThis particular movement is called the RDL.  It trains your hamstrings and lower back.  The golf swing is a dynamic movement and puts a lot of stress on your lower back. Strong hamstringsan back willhelp prevent injury but also provide a strong foundation and base for our golf swing.


ChestBack body bar flexYou also need a strong chest and back to stabilize your posture before and during your swing. This movement is called Chest Back Oscillation.  You will simply push the bar forward and pull backward to force the bar to oscillate.  This bar has internal resistance and the harder you push and pull with be the varied amount of resistance.  You should do this movement for 15 to 20 seconds with each arm for 3 to 4 sets.



BBF OH Bulgarian Sp SqLike mentioned above you need strong legs and hips because that’s where the bulk of power comes from.  This movement, the Over Head Bulgarian Split Squat will work every muscle below your belly button.  This movement will also work on your range of motion in your hips and hip flexors. This is one of my favorite movements and it shows up in every strength program I develop simply because of the hip stabilization and single leg balance aspect.

BBF OH Squats

This movement is called the Over Head Squat.  It is known as one of the best exercises invented due to the fact it trains the entire body and it will test your body’s mobility. When doing this movement, you will find out quickly if you have any tightness or mobility issues.


Balance & Coordination Training – (Specifically for Golf Strength Training)

TR-1aI feel balance and coordination training is essential to your golf strength training because it trains all of the body’s stabilizer muscles that surround every joint. You will not only get a little stronger and have better muscle control but you walk and play with a little grace.
The movement shown is called “Single Leg Una-lateral Oscillation”.  This movement trains ankle, hip, and shoulder stability.  It also trains the core because you have to oscillate the bar which forces your core to stabilize while your completing the movement.  When this bar oscillates, it shifts your body in every direction causing your muscles to react. This movement will be done within a time frame. (3 or 4 sets each are/leg for 15-20 seconds each)

Mobility – (Specifically for Golf Strength Training)

Shoulder Mobility3Shoulder mobility is crucial in the game of golf because it enhanced your range of motion during a swing.  Using the Collegiate Series Body Bar Flex you can increase the range of motion in the shoulder joint.  This movement is called Shoulder Dislocations (not as bad as it sounds).  You first start with the bar in front of your body touching your thighs and then you take the bar over your head to your back side without releasing your hands.  Do 10 reps then move your hands slightly closer and then do 10 more reps.  You will repeat this for approximately 20-30 reps.  Note: This is something you need to do every time you train or play a round of golf but while on the course you can use your briver or 5 iron.

Joint Stability Training – (Specifically for Golf Strength Training)

Body Bar Flex Shoulder

Joint Stability is extremely important when it comes to golf strength training because healthy joints are good joints.  This movement is called “Oscillation Shoulder Stabilization”. You can do this movement in all planes of motion including the frontal and sagittal planes.  Simply keep your arm completely straight and only move the shoulder to Oscillate the bar using the minor movers in the shoulder joint.  This is also a movement done for 15-20 seconds each are for 3 or 4 sets.



Fitness drills and Conditioning – (Specifically for Golf Strength Training)

Fitness and conditioning are just as important as Golf Strength Training.  When training with the Collegiate Series Body Bar Flex you will have built in cardio because you are training on the clock for most movements.  However, it is important to get in a mile or two mile jog before your training session to build up your cardiovascular fitness level.  Tiger is known to go on seven mile runs from time to time to vary up his training.  You could bike ride, jump rope, or even do simple line hops for time.  No matter how you do it you have to get in your conditioning in addition to your golf strength training.


Below is a sample work out plan for golfers the Collegiate Series Body Bar Flex.  The great thing about this workout is you only need two things.  You will need a work ethic and a Body Bar.  You can do this workout at home, on the course, or anywhere you heart desires.


Golf Strength Training Workout

  • Warm-Up
  • 1 Mile Run
  • Shoulder Dislocations (paired with)   10, 10, 10
  • Over Head Squats                                 10, 10, 10
  • RDL’s (paired with)                    8, 8, 8
  • Chest Back Oscillation               15, 15, 15 seconds each
  • Over Head Bulgarian Split Squats (paired with)    8, 8, 8 each leg
  • Single Leg Una-Lateral Oscillation                           15, 15, 15 seconds each
  • Oscillation Core Stabilization (paired with)      15, 15, 15 seconds
  • Oscillation shoulder stabilization                        15, 15, 15 seconds each
  • Stretch


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 Golf Strength Training Video below:

 Golf Strength Training at its best.  Thanks for your time.  Todd A. Riedel

Medicine Ball Training

Medicine ball training seems to be a new fad but has been used for years. It is again picking up popularity with coaches, athletic trainers, and anyone training athletes. Medicine ball training is relatively simple in comparison to Olympic lifts and doesn’t require as much coaching to be performed properly.
One thing that makes med ball training difficult is you must have a facility that can handle medicine ball training. The head strength and conditioning coach of the Carolina Panthers Joe Kenn had a diamond plated steal wall built in their facility to handle the constant pounding. Having a steal plated wall would be ideal for any facility. However, we do not have the funds for a steal plate wall here at Wofford. We often have athletes toss with a partner or we set up pads to reduce the pounding on the walls. In this particular video we are training college baseball players. When playing baseball you must have an extremely strong core to generate a tremendous amount of power to generate great bat speed or a high speed pitch. In this video we are doing an overhead toss with a staggered or split stance. We like to use a ball around 6-8 pounds to generate the most power output. We believe using a med ball over 8 pounds could be hazardous to the shoulder joint if the movement is not performed properly.
Medicine ball training is especially great for building power through your hip, torso and shoulders. Some consider the core to be the most important piece of the puzzle when training athletes. I agree the core is important and there are thousands of ways to train it. I personally like to train athletes on their feet simply because they play on their feet. I have attached a video below demonstrating the overhead med ball toss. A few of the athletes generate power through the hips and others still need to get with the program!

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